Bodymack Fit – Personal Training

Bodymack Fit inspired by the human body.


35 and older, female or male;
Out of shape and overweight;
Family first my kids are great!

Time has past. I tried to make it wait;
Saw myself in the mirror and asked,
“Is it too late?”

I’m a little older now, was a bit
out of shape;
My children are adults and I was left overweight,

personal training is what they do;
To be more precise,
they take care of you.

They make you get in shape, make you
lose all the weight
Make you look in the mirror and say,
“Wow, I look great!”

The mustard and ketchup building, on
Western Avenue;
In the city of Lomita,
the trainers will motivate you.

Overweight and out of shape
perhaps you can relate!
fitness is never too late.

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